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URB's best (and only) politics podcast! Some may argue the best podcast in town... Fun and light-hearted, we start off discussing the week’s news, then focus on one key political issue, and finally, we have a fun game to take us out of the depressive spiral that is the political climate at the moment. Hosted every week by Adam Wright and Emily Gray with Gamesmasters Sumayyah Ali and Tom Lowe is quite often there as well.


Enough from us - here are some reviews we have received:

Lily Goddard – ‘my nonbiased opinion is this is the best podcast ever’

George Cooper – ‘most podcasts are like noticeably a uni student podcast but this sounds genuine’

Adam’s Mum – ‘Poor Emily’

Maxim from Berlin – ‘genuinely amused by every episode that comes out’

Tom Lowe – ‘Once again an excellent podcast very much enjoyed with my block of fudge, ALONE’


Link to the linktree: https://linktr.ee/aepoliticsurb?fbclid=PAAaZPhdUFBUeeBfBLj5sGqP5ffPg_UA9IzU65gu9HdqNJeIvZ8MfKdF_pLso

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